Ababulali Nasty C

Nasty C Zulu Man With Some Power Zulu Man With Some Power


Ababulali Nasty C

If I had a billion right now
I’d buy you a boat and a house right by the coast
If I had a spaceship right now
I’d take you to the stars ’cause that’s where you belong
If I had a trillion right now, oh
I’d buy you some time for you and your friends to reconcile
If I had children right now, oh
I’d make sure that they know you raised a GOAT, you did the most, yeah

When I was younger, my screws and wires were tangled
When I was difficult and hard to understand, you
Never gave up, you played your role and so I thank you
For that, I gotta make some music you can dance to
I’ma give you all your credit while I still got the chance too
You set a standard for when I become a dad too
You taught me how to be a man, that’s value
It’s something I gotta pass through, and only by example
So right now, I’m taking weight off your shoulder
I’ma be you now and I’ll wait for when I get older
Take you to the beach, you haven’t been in a while
I’ma take you shopping, get back in touch with your style
You deserve a million for raising your million
Dollar-smile children even when it killed you
I hope you forgive for all the times I was guilty
And never admitted, I know that you can feel me
Daddy, I know you hear me

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