Down Denise Chaila

Denise Chaila Go Bravely


Down Denise Chaila

[Verse 1]

Leigh anois go curamach
Don’t need an autopsy to open up
Wear my pajamas to the corner shop
I keep my ion what makes me up
I dance on the graves of dead traditions
No lip service to bad religion
Cleaning house like I’m playing quidditch
Can’t waste time doubting my decisions

An bfhuil cead agam ag dul go dtí—
I don’t need permission to be free
Can’t affect my confidence adversely
I’m well versed so you won’t out verse me
Round of applause for the ones who say you’re clapped when you turn them down
Imagine bеing able to be anything and choosing to stay a clown

I could Bruce Waynе or Batman
I could play nice or show you Arkham
Come in my inbox again and
I’ll chat to your girl and raise her standards, Badman
Don’t let the internet make you brave
When you wouldn’t say it with bass
Say it to my face
Say it with your chest
Say it with your heart
Know what? Say less

I’ll cross that bridge when I burn it
I’ll give credit when you earn it (Earn it)
My pupils taught me the vision (Vision)
Don’t need anyone to affirm it (Affirm it)


An bfhuil, an bhfuil cead agam ag dul go dtí
I’ll turn them down
An bfhuil, an bhfuil cead agam ag dul go dtí
I’ll turn them down
An bfhuil, an bhfuil cead agam ag dul go dtí

[Verse 2]

Leigh anois go curamach
Can’t define who I am with a Trocaire box
I might graduate with my bonnet on
And a Colgate smile like Chip Skylark
I wear my tracksuit under my socks so
You already know where I’m from
Looking like United Colors of Bennetton
What accent is that?
All of them

Call me Saoirse
Shea Butter Shaka Zulu
I’ll show you the meaning of Ja de vu
Character arc on Zuko
I could strike a match or light up a fuse
Junchuuriki without a seal
I am not afraid of my Biju though
Envision the waves I don’t wanna coast
I am not afraid to say I have No-tions

I know my power
I am the princess, the tower, the dragon, a young Bilbo Baggins
And I am not dragging anybody with me
Tell your king I’ve got the keys to the city
I won’t go away quietly
I don’t Everest it’s peak, summit up
I am the life in my own streams
I’m the girl of my own dreams
You cannot hold me down

I could Fit a lecture in sixteen bars
I could make a scene and make you dance
I don’t get even, I even the odds
Calculated when it don’t add up
You are not a leader till you make one
Looks like you need a consultation
I don’t need you to rate me
I’ll send my rates on

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